About Us

This group is open to anybody who wishes to learn more about Zen and is interested in meditation (zazen) . For this reason we organize sesshins (periods of intensive training and meditation) as well as meditation evenings in the Rinzai tradition . There are no requirements to attending a sesshin or a meditation evening.

In the same sense there are no levels of achievement or obligations arising from participation at any time.

We are part of the Linci School of Scaramuccia founded and directed by Engaku Taino.More information about the Linci School of Scaramucchia can be obtained on the following address: http://www.zenshinji.org/

Sesshins are led by Mario Nan mon Fatibene , a disciple of the Zen teacher Engaku Taino.

Nan mon, a monk and a teacher of Dharma has been running a center in Turin since 1989.Further information about the activities of the center can be found at the following address www.zentorino.org